How to gauge a firm’s culture

You can ask the following questions:

What are the firm’s core values? How are they communicated to employees, and how do they guide decision-making and behavior?

How does the firm prioritize work-life balance and employee well-being? Are there policies or programs in place to support these priorities?

How does the firm foster diversity, equity, and inclusion? Are there programs or initiatives in place to support underrepresented groups, and what steps has the company taken to address issues of bias and discrimination?

How does the firm encourage collaboration and teamwork? Are there opportunities for employees to work across departments or functions, and how is knowledge-sharing encouraged?

How does the firm recognize and reward employee contributions? Are there clear pathways for advancement, and how are promotions and raises determined?

How does the firm handle conflict or disagreement among employees? Are there channels for feedback and constructive criticism, and how are conflicts resolved?

How does the firm support employee development and growth? Are there training and professional development opportunities, and how is performance feedback provided?

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